15 Must Read ‘Kenyan Books’, book 11 and 12 is a must

15 Must Read ‘Kenyan Books’, book 11 and 12 is a must


Kenyans have not developed a culture of reading books or even newspapers as the famous saying goes ‘Ni ya kufunga nyama’ – (For wrapping meat).

Some book loving Kenyans have come up with a list of books which they think they are beneficial to many Kenyans.

Here is the list of the must read books if you are a typical Kenyan.

1.The Secret of a Successful Marriage by Maina Kageni.
2.The Pains of Poverty by Uhuru Kenyatta.
3.The danger of trusting a man who talks too much Bullshit by Aden Duale

4.Tips on how to get married by Caroline Mutoko.
5.English Language Mastery Tips by Kambi Kazungu.
6.Campus Life by Daniel Moi.
7.Retaining Natural Beauty by Vera Sidika.
8.The Joy of Winning Elections by Raila Odinga.
9.The Strategies for Chastity by Martha Karua.
10.Scaling the Heights of Education by Mulu Mutisya
11.Kiswahili mufti by Mwai Kibaki
12.How to handle patients with care by Dr.Mugo
13.My life in state house by Ida Odinga
14.How to protect public land by William Ruto
15.How to stick to one election area by Ferdinad Waititu
16.How to keep your mouth shut by millie Odhiambo
17.Tips on how to maintain street hawkers by Evans kidero
18.Importance of not having many names by Ferdinad clifford cliff ndungu wainaina waititu.


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