Shocking: Baby sold in exchange of an iPhone!!!You will be shocked to...

Shocking: Baby sold in exchange of an iPhone!!!You will be shocked to bone. See this.


Crazy as it may sound; this is what has got everyone talking. Apparently, babies are worth iPhones, this couple in China just proved that.

A man by the name A Duan together with his wife sold their 18 day-old baby on social media just to buy an I phone.

The couple revealed to have found a buyer of their daughter after spending time in the internet. Sources also reveal that the couple had conceived unexpectedly at a young age and were financially unstable.

The mother to the auctioned baby said that she had been working several part-time jobs which unfortunately were not enough to cater for all the expense and the extra burden of the baby, and that was when she agreed with the partner to sell the baby.

“I was adopted, and many people in my hometown sent their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal” She said.

Meanwhile the baby who was auctioned is with the sister of the buyer who has not yet been identified. Authorities on the other hand are still investigating before finding a better course of action.

However the couple is serving a jail term with A Duan serving three years in jail and his partner in crime, the mother of the child, Xaio Mei serving a two and a half term.



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