Breaking The Long Silence After She Was Said To Be Mad Akothee...

Breaking The Long Silence After She Was Said To Be Mad Akothee Is Now Pissed At Stalkers Camping Outside Her House, and Has This To Say About Her Madness


Its with no doubt that Akothee madam boss have a huge fan base that looks up to her and since reports went viral that she is having mental problems she have something to share.

As we well know the job of a paparazzi is, roughly, to ‘reveal the truth’ about the rich and the famous. They are however infamous due to their tactics which many deemed as stalking and an invasion of personal space.

They tend to be independent contractors, unaffiliated with mainstream media organizations, and photos taken are usually done so by taking advantage of opportunities when they have sightings of high-profile people they are tracking.

That said, wealthy entertainer, Akothee is having a paparazzi problem. Ina recent post on social media she revealed that stalkers have been camping outside her home and have even gone to extent of interrogating her household staff.

am told there are media personalities camping at my gate demanding for an interview , well you were told I went mad , so how can a mad woman compose her self to talk ? you went ahead to interview my workers on how much they are being paid per month , and if they have seen me act funny , halooo!! what I owe media is good music , leave my personal life alone , collect private infos on my page , but invading my homes !!!! thats a call , soon you will attack my kids in school & ask if I pay school fee or not, or ask my dogs how many times they eat biscuites ,am a private citizen , am not a public servant entitled for investigations , the link in my bio tells you if I went mad or not , , have you put it on rotation yet .but any way am still mad . when I get sobber I will catch up with you,” she wrote.


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