What A Shame City Socialite Pendo Narrates The Reason As To Why...

What A Shame City Socialite Pendo Narrates The Reason As To Why She Don’t Date Kenyan Men And Its All Getting Personal See This


Nairobi diaries actress cum socialite is always making headlines for all the wrong reasons to keep her relevant and going.

After ordering a dildo and ended up not paying for it and the news made their way online she is back with yet another stunt and this time round its about the reason she deint date Kenyan men

Taking it to social media she wrote.

“What is wrong with Kenyan men? I experienced bad sex from a potential boyfriend a while back after which I decided I will no longer date a Kenyan man,”



The lady however did not reveal his name or the year that this happened to her. But from how she sounds seems that it’s a memory she will never forget. She went on to add that,

“Do you know how it feels for a girl to have so much an expectation then what comes out of it is zero? I asked him to stop midway, rose up and walked away never to look back again.
I blocked his phone and well, he made me hate all Kenyan men, in that line,”

Well she is entitled to her own opinion since maybe she have tried a couple of them who end up failing her.


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