‘Abagusii Men’ Writes a Letter to Dennis Okari for Disgracing Their Forefathers...

‘Abagusii Men’ Writes a Letter to Dennis Okari for Disgracing Their Forefathers Following His Divorce!


Following the latest twist about Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari’s divorce, its alleged that a popular senior and influential politician at the Kenyan coast is behind the scandalous split between Dennis and Betty.

The politician is said to have had a long-time relationship with Betty as his clande even before she got married to Dennis. The politician is said to have partly financed the couples’ one-month long honeymoon in Dubai and also bought Betty a brand new Toyota Prado VX, all these were kept unbeknown to Okari of course.

‘Abagusii Men’s Conservation Trust’ has now written a letter to Dennis Okari stating that he has ashamed their forefathers of the Kisii community.

Here’s the letter;

In Dennis Okari, we see a lot of what is wrong with the middle class urban Kisii man of 2016, who has totally drifted off the course and role that our forefathers prescribed to us as the head of the family. Just for observations from Kisii men who have observed more than he has.


1. First, Okari acted in a manner that is not consistent with his position as an adult Kisii man when he needlessly and so ‘unKisiically’ shed tears in public. Kisii men don’t so. However, the only thing more scandalous for a Kisii man than shedding tears in broad daylight, in public, under the glare of cameras and on national TV, is to do so out of being overwhelmed by emotions of love’ loyalty and total submission to a woman’s charm ~ don’t kill me Kamba people, no pun intended there ~ or bewitching smile.


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