After Failed Miracles in Nigeria Pastor Owuor Prays For Evil Media

After Failed Miracles in Nigeria Pastor Owuor Prays For Evil Media


Pastor Owuor Ministry of Repentance and Holiness has discounted a media story about a recent miracle mission by its top leader in Nigeria in which many media bloggers and newspapers claimed his miracles failed in Nigeria.

The church, which is led by Prophet David Owuor, held a repentance service late this week in Nakuru for what it termed as “repentance because of blackmail and defamation of the Nation Media Group.”

According to information on a YouTube clip posted by the church on the internet, the repentance service attended by more than 17,000 pastors from all over the nation.w

In the 7-minute clip, the congregation is lead through repentance prayers for what they termed as an “evil media”.

The church, through one of its leaders, Archbishop Paul Onjoro, has also sought to confirm Prophet Owuor’s successful mission in Nigeria.

“What you published on your website and newspaper amounts to lies. The mighty prophet of God had a successful mission in Nigeria where he performed many miracles.

To further prove that Prophet Owuor actually performed miracles and wonders in Nigeria, the church has uploaded numerous YouTube links of testimonies of people who were reportedly healed during the man God’s visit to the West African country.

Some of the people in the clips testify of being healed of spinal injuries, partial blindness, bad hearing, broken limbs and diabetes.

In one of the clips, Prophet Owuor is seen prophesying about rainfall from heaven at a prayer meeting.

The clip later shows the prophet talking to some of his followers on the streets of Lagos before the heavens suddenly opens as Prophet Owuor celebrates the passing of his prophesy.

Here is the clip


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  • Repentance Holiness

    I write to correct an erroneous impression created by a Nigerian Newspaper which Nairobi News quoted in respect of Prophet Dr Owuor’s visit to Nigeria.

    For starters, Dr Owuor is not a fake Prophet and is highly revered in Nigeria and globally as a Mighty Prophet of the Lord.

    Secondly, his arrival to Nigeria on the 9th of March was Presidential and ecclesiastical. He was received by the Foreign Affairs Protocol Department at the Airport in Lagos. A crowd of journalists and admirers surrounded him with great joy because any country visited by Prophet Owuor receives divine visitation and never remains the same. He prayed for them and blessed them. We had 2 powerful days (11th & 12th of March, 2016) of fiery, revelatory and inspiring teaching by Prophet Owuor which was attended by Bishops, Ministers and Christian Believers. The Speaker of our National Assembly (House of Representatives) sent a representative to the meeting, Hon Ossai Ossai. A former Head of State of Nigeria, Gen. Yakubu Gowon attended the meeting. Would our Government honour a fake Prophet?, nay, they honoured Dr Owuor because he preaches against Fake prophets and prophesies. The Healing Service that took place on the 13th of March was indeed a tremendous visitation with numerous miracles. A man with diabetes for 20years who visits the washroom every 30minutes was healed and for over 41/2 hours he didn’t go to the washroom, a man with a cardiac problem whose left side was swollen was healed and in sheer ecstasy, he removed his shirt to show the public that he was healed and could walk, run, carry his little girl in his arms without pains, a deaf boy was healed, 2 women who could not walk without Lumbar girdles were healed, a lady whose knee was medically condemned was healed, another lady who could not walk due to a domestic accident was healed, 2 men with sight problems were healed. Then the heavens opened upon the crowd even as the Mighty Prophet had prophesied during the Ministers’ conference on the 11th of March. More miracles took place after the meeting one of which was a notable minister in Lagos, Rev. Peace Phyllis Goodey, a qualified opthamologist, healed of spinal cord injury. With all these verifiable and spectacular miracles, how could anyone say that ” Prophet Owuor’s miracle Mission to Nigeria Flops” as was carried by Nairobi News on April, 6th edition. The truth of the matter is that PROPHET OWUOR’S MISSION TO NIGERIA WAS HUGELY SUCCESSFUL. The meetings were covered by AIT (Africa Independent Television) and the Glorious Healings are all on Youtube:

    I am not surprised that people who are afraid of the Man of God upsetting and changing the Carnal Status Quo in the Church in Nigeria would write such inaccuracies and lies about Prophet Owuor because the Pharisees did same to our Lord Jesus Christ. There’s even now an urgency among Believers in Nigeria to mount another Mega Revival and invite the Mighty Prophet of the Lord back to Nigeria.Trust me, I’m Nigerian, so I can smell a fake prophet miles away. Dr Owuor may be a fierce, powerful Prophet but certainly not a fake one. Bishop ISRAEL N. ISRAEL

  • Humphrey Sichei

    Miracles happen to individuals who have prepared themselves properly. They must have faith in God and also must have stayed away from sin. It is not the Servant of God who heals it is God who heals individuals who are ready to receive the healing by sanctifying themselves properly and having faith in the LORD and His Prophet. It is regrettable that even people who claim to be Christians do no know nor bother to know how miracles happen to a believer. LORD forgive us for our ignorance that has led us to blaspheme your Holy name and the Mighty Prophet of the LORD.