APOCALYPSE!! Shocking after a creature with baby face is born

APOCALYPSE!! Shocking after a creature with baby face is born


The world might be coming to an end sooner than you expected. The book of revelations says it all, mysterious happenings will be-feltĀ  all over the world as people seek for answers. So, as you prepare for the rapture and the coming of the son of-man, this should show you that the time has come for you to stop sinning and get a righteous life.

Malaysian village Felda has witnessed their worse as a mutant goat gave birth to a thing that had a human face of a baby. The bizarre creature is believed to be a half-human half-goat baby.

Residents from the village claimed that an-antichrist creature has been born with the scary photos going viral on the internet. The most superstitious locals interpreted the appearance of the beast as a sign of the end times and dubbed the creature as a son of Satan.

However, some say that this was caused by a genetic defect, some by bestiality while others strongly believe an anti-Christ creature has been born.

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