Betty Kyallo’s Brother Brian and Sister Mercy Finally Speaks on Betty’s Divorce...

Betty Kyallo’s Brother Brian and Sister Mercy Finally Speaks on Betty’s Divorce Decision


What started as a rumour which everyone who adored the media lovies, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari prayed it was false has fast turned into reality. The six-month marriage between the two media celebrities is over.

A week ago, during a live news bulletin, Betty Kyallo dropped her husbands name. The writing was on her twitter handle profile seemed to be an ounce of truth in the previously trashed tall tale.

Betty’s brother Brian Kyallo has taken to his Facebook account to set the record straight, saying he stands by his sister’s decision to leave the marriage.

“Betty is a free soul. If she is unhappy about the family she married to she is free to walk away and be happy.

“We are in unity supporting Betty and Dey nno in all the challenges they are going through…Betty baby sis, I got your back covered everyday, we have through worse,” he went on.

He went on to say that women go through a lot in marriage ranging from dishonest partners, unappreciative in-laws and spousal abuse.

Her sister, Mercy Kyallo, the closest person to Betty shared the family’s sentiments on Betty’s decision to walk out of her marriage.

The family is 100% behind Betty’s decisions stating the her happiness comes first.

“Over the last couple of months my sister Betty has gone through her share of struggle, tears and sadness. A lot is being said and there is a lot of speculation. Fact is that there were deep family issues that divided us. Betty, our family is supporting you 100% and our prayer is that you find true happiness and fulfillment.

Isn’t this is life as we know it? just when you think you’ve got the map, you meet a stop sign which redirects, reorganizes and challenges you afresh. It’s upto you to keep strong and recharge! We love and care for you honey so do and be the best you can be.😙
C’est la vie,”  Mercy Kyallo wrote on Facebook

Betty, according to an insider, has taken a short leave from work and it is not known when she will be returning to work


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