Bizarre Things Kikuyus Do to Their Expensive Rides. No.3 will leave you...

Bizarre Things Kikuyus Do to Their Expensive Rides. No.3 will leave you on the floor


As the saying goes, ‘the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story’ Kikuyus are the most stereotypical people you will ever meet. They are not only good when it comes to business but they are best in many other things. 

Most kikuyus do some weird things to their expensive rides, but others are actually cool.

See some of the weirdest things you can do to your car

1. Pimping Your Ride Too Much

There’s nothing wrong with making your car look cool, but sometimes I feel like you over do it. I have a neighbour who owns an old model Toyota Corolla that has been properly pimped out complete with huge unnecessary yellow headlights, a chandelier, and Rihanna posters.

car2. No Respect For Expensive Cars

As much as Kikuyus love their cars, you’re most likely to meet someone who carries such stuff in this expensive machine

range3. Every Car Can Play The Role Of A Pick Up

Apparently a car without a carrier or space for carrying stuff, is considered useless.



4. Having Their Names/Pictures On Cars

Names are important, and make us feel great but do we really have to paste our names or even pictures on personal cars?




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