CAUTION; Here is the truth why Samsung galaxy Note 7 phones are...

CAUTION; Here is the truth why Samsung galaxy Note 7 phones are exploding


Samsung brands have often been regarded highly but the latest incidents of Samsung phones catching fire could perhaps be one of Samsung’s set backs.

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As soon as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in the mobile markets, cases and complains of the phone haeting up and exploding were widely reported across the globe, but why exactly is the Samsung Note 7 having such an issue?

Samsung officials have blamed the occurrence on a manufacturing error after 35 cases were reported on the first weeks of the sale.

According to a unconfirmed reports, Samsung had a manufacturing error that “placed pressure on plates contained within battery cells,” which surprisingly brought negative and positive poles into contact.

One of the Samsung representatives revealed that the defect was revealed when several contributing factors happened at the same time creating variations of tension eventually exposing electrodes due to insufficient insulation tape that caused a huge fire risk.

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The Samsung’s Note 7 battery is said to hold 3,500mAh battery capacity, despite its slim look. Though the phones did not explore at the moment charging, the catching of fire is said to have been prompted by leaving it charging over-night.

Samsung company has however not substantiated the claims even as reports have emerged that some airline companies have turned away clients with the Note 7 phone.




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