Check Out How Mike Sonko Silenced A Troll On Twitter For Real...

Check Out How Mike Sonko Silenced A Troll On Twitter For Real This Man Got His Words Ever Ready To Attack Hatters See This.


Senator Mike Sonko academic credentials have been the topic of discussion for a while now, and the debate came up recently after a social media user insinuated that the Senator bought his degree from the Mount Kenya University

Going by the username Asamoh, the troll asked Kenyans to shun the private university and leave it for the degree-buying type like Mike Sonko.

That rubbed the Nairobi Senator who is one step closer to being a Governor, the wrong way. Sonko gave the user a taste of his own medicine in a ‘no chills’ reply that must have gotten the latter by surprise.

Sonko hopped on Asamoh’s profile and plucked the profile picture in which he is holding a dog.

sonkotweet2He then went to the reply section and told the user that his reasoning was the same as what he was holding. Ouch!


Trouble about Sonko’s degree started when he showed his high school results to the world to prove that indeed he went through secondary educations after doubts were raised about the same. The KCSE certificate showed he had four E’s.

It is then that questions were raised as to how Sonko managed to gain entry to MKU with such poor grades whereas the cutoff grade to be admitted to a university in Kenya was C+(plus).


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