‘City Girl’ Njoki Chege Badly Exposed as a Bad-ass Sponsor Lover!

‘City Girl’ Njoki Chege Badly Exposed as a Bad-ass Sponsor Lover!


After Njoki Chege did her article calling football fans and betting lovers broke and lazy fools swimming in debt,  seems she got to some people’s nerves.

As many do not agree with her opinion on many matters she still have quite a large number of fans who enjoy her artistic and opinionated articles.

One betting craze fan has written an article shaming Njoki and her take on some things. This guy started by saying how Njoki borrowed Ksh 700,000 from the Standard Group’s staff Sacco. She used Ksh 500,000 from the loan to buy that pathetic piece of machine called a Toyota IST. Paying Ksh 268,000 which is part of the loan remaining unpaid, has been a problem to her. He said Njoki must be swimming in financial problems therefore should not hater on Sportpesa betting like she did.

The article read;

You may ask why she is really interested in old men in her articles,here is the reason ,She is ugly, a fact that is beyond opposition, with exposed teeth, she can rarely close her mouth I guess she has 45 teeth because the jaws are not anything to pass by without noticing, and tell me who the hell would even greet such a creature leave alone talking to her. You look 33 year old mama disguising as a 27 year old girl”.

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