Digital or Analog voting come 2017? Here is the problem, who want...

Digital or Analog voting come 2017? Here is the problem, who want to rig the elections?


Here’s the problem as I see it. Biometric Voter Registration requires each and every voter to be physically present and get his biometrics. So it excludes all babies and dead people from registration and by that process it automatically improves the integrity of the register.

Is it appropriate for Africa?

Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Namibia, even Tanzania next door used Biometrics to make their register. We all share similar characteristics with regards to electricity and rural populations. India is an Asian example.

We have 8000 machines for an expected 44,000 polling stations. If we decide to have 1 or 2per polling station we are talking 44,000 to 88,000 machines.

The Electoral commission has prevaricated over this issues for years. These things could have been procured last year or the year before. Despite the Supreme Court ruling that required them to deal with register integrity issues, they danced around for four years then now say they are out of time.

During the last Mass Voter Registration, they deployed 3500 units claiming lack of funds and malfunctional units. Despite a full four years to prepare. It was by opposition petition that the US gave the IEBC kshs 500M during the process to expand the registration kits further.

The skewed distribution of the kits favouring certain areas during the registration (the basis of a court petition by CORD) further shows how the process was a farce. It was such games that were the basis of CORDs push for removal of the commissioners.


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