Drama; A parent collapses after discovering that his daughter had lied to...

Drama; A parent collapses after discovering that his daughter had lied to her teachers that he was dead


A school girl made her father collapse after learning that she had told the administration that he was dead.

The parent was summoned to school to listen to the daughter’s case with the administration. The girl was supposed to repeat class for a second time but she refused and when she was asked to bring her father she told the teachers that her father was dead and she was under the care of a good Samaritan who paid her school fees.

“We learned from the student that her father died a few years ago before she even joined form one and we had excused her for some time as we sought ways of going about her case,” narrated her class teacher.

However, the girl was asked to bring the person whose name appeared on the bank slip and there was when the drama began.

When she brought her father she was asked to explain the relationship between her and the elderly man.

The man collapsed shortly after the principal asked the student if he was the good man paying her school fees. The principal from the leading girls school from Nyanza was shocked to realize what her student had done.

The man later regained conscious but swore not to continue paying the girl’s school fees.


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