Ever Wondered How Celebrated Comedian MCA Tricky Looks Like Away From The...

Ever Wondered How Celebrated Comedian MCA Tricky Looks Like Away From The Cameras?? Check Out These Photos


Comedy’s new golden boy, MCA Tricky has been on the rise for his witty jokes and unique humor. Behind that seemingly flabby character, is a totally different personality that many have never imagined.

MCA, Member of Chokora Assembly if you like, Tricky was thrust into the harsh reality of harsh street life at the tender age of 12, then merely a student from Ikungu Primary School in Makindu, Mombasa.

His peers convinced him to accompany them to Nairobi in search of greener pastures without the knowledge of his parents.

In February, Churchill Show came calling and this young man beat everyone in the auditions.

Most people now rush to finish their Sunday endeavors earliest possible just so they can get home in to watch none other than this small-town boy who has now become a household name-MCA tricky.

If he is not cracking up people with his witty punchlines, he will explode the audience with his signature ‘tales of the streets’ that leave his legion of fans craving more.

His trademark attire, a shabby oversized coat with a red shirt inside, coupled with ‘unfinished’ pants has left many associating MCA tricky with abject poverty. While this was the case back in the day, not anymore.

Away from the cameras, the celebrated ‘MCA’ is a sight for sore eyes. He demeanor is that of an individual who is nicely set up for a good life ahead, with no indicators of the ‘sufferer’ we usually see on-screen.

Check out the photos below;


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