Facebook users can now comment using videos in this amazing feature

Facebook users can now comment using videos in this amazing feature


Commenting on our friends’ posts is one of the ways we social media users do to interact. Something that has taken turns from posting text comments to posting photos and tagging certain people in the comments. But, what if you wanted to a post or reply using a video? That has only been applicable in Twitter. Well, Facebook has decided not to be left out too!

This has now changed as you can now comment on anyone’s posts using a video. Apparently this was made possible during the company’s famous hackathons. This was introduced to give users a more engaging platform and will join the other ways of commenting on a post such as use of emojis, stickers, links and photos.

This is one easy feature. There is no dedicated video button so you will only need to attach a video by tapping on the camera icon at the comments.

This move by Facebook is another way of bringing conversations to a new level to its 1.65 billion users. Engagement is important for any social network and this will be a new feature that every social media user will definitely try a hand on. They now have a platform for regular video, Live videos inclusive of a Live map and an easy way to search for all these videos within Facebook, making it an easier platform for video search.

These changes have been effected globally on every desktop user and also to those using Android and iOS. So get to enjoy this amazing feature!


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