Finally Kenyans react after gospel singer Jimmy Gait’s emotional moment during an...

Finally Kenyans react after gospel singer Jimmy Gait’s emotional moment during an interview. Kenyans are merciless aki!


Gospel singer Jimmy Gait has been a victim of cyber bullying in the most disgraceful manner.

Kenyans were on his case after he released the ‘Yesu ndiye sponsor’ song that made news for days on social media.

Online users went ahead and called him names including judging Gait’s sanity. However during an interview on NT The Trend with Anita Nderu Jimmy Gait shared an emotional talk to describe his feelings after social media ganged up on him.

For a moment Jimmy Gait shed tears and women felt for him. Sadly not all were for the opinion that Jimmy Gait’s tears were real. Here are the reaction that went down after the interview.

gaitcry2_230271Kenyans though!


stephen maube: It’s sad. People don’t understand! Real n*gga crying is no joke!

ann annita: Jimmy anataka hug ya Annita tunaelewa budah
….be strong much ♥♥♡♡♡

joseph o: gait ana seek attention anakopi jaguar na ma public sympathy yes men cry but not in public

Kimson John: sonko invented this…he went to the media all humble and remorseful and he confused all of us. Kabogo was next…now Jimmy Gait.

mysh lysh: ukiona mwanaume akilia ????! bt don’t worry Jesus is the handkerchief! he will wipe your tears!

Mike Orwa: yesu ndiye HANDKERCHIEF……..

Leon Miyale: Jimmy Gait is the real definition of the proverbial crocodile tears

Hitbox Entertainment: Mwanaume ni kujikaza, jikaze usilie mbele ya dem. Ngoje utoke studio uende ulie kwa bedroom solo.


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