Forget about Akorino and Legio Maria, is this the most poor yet...

Forget about Akorino and Legio Maria, is this the most poor yet hyporite church in Kenya?


The Wakorino have taken social media with storm after their photos went viral. Well, this church is known to be reserved and follow traditions to the letter.

However there is a church that has been forgotten,the Seventh Day Adventist is among the oldest churches in Kenya. This church is mainly dominated by the Kisii and Luo tribes. sda1

This church is conservative, its members are not allowed to wear trousers, miniskirts, earrings, gold chains, jeans and tattoos. They are also not allowed to pierce noses and ears-very impressive indeed. sda3

This church has been attributed with inability to raise funds to construct churches that you might find a church whose construction started 20 years ago and still under construction To make matters worse, members only pay coins-mostly Ksh10. The church is consistently not united due to backstabbing and jealous. Some members attend the church to see what you wear, what you drive, whether you have grown fat, whether you came late and if you are really normal.




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