Forget Lilian Muli’s clash with a waitress, see another Citizen TV presenter...

Forget Lilian Muli’s clash with a waitress, see another Citizen TV presenter caught up in hotel drama(photos)


With Kenyans still reacting to the viral video of Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli’s alleged assault, another hotel drama involving another Citizen TV presenter has emerged.

Jacque Maribe took to her social media account to narrate a incidence where she was ill-served at a restaurant in Nakuru. She narrated how she and her friends made a stop over at a Nakuru Restaurant so they could relax and have lunch.

Soon after the first nyama choma bite, the celebrated journalist and her friends were asked to clear from the VIP section so they could pave way for a popular musician who had already reserved a table.

She posted on her Instagram: ‘’Normally I wouldn’t, but bad manners is bad manners. …. sit us here after a long drive, hunger stop, serve, and after that first nyama byte, @octopizzo is coming, so we should clear from VIP. Now raia like me we stay hungry because we don’t know what #BankOtuch is?’’

The post drew the attention of the management at the Restaurant and through their Instagram account, the restaurant clarified the circumstances resulting in the incident and apologised to the popular journalist.

“We apologize if you felt sidelined and deeply regret. The service person attending to you should have advised you those tables as indicated were reservation already and should have re-allocated you another table,’’ the Hotel management expressed.


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