Former KBC TV Presenter Blasts a Politician for Showing Her Off to...

Former KBC TV Presenter Blasts a Politician for Showing Her Off to His Baby-Mama


Former KBC news anchor Elizabeth Irungu is one lass who will blast people whenever she’s offended without caring what you are capable of.

The outspoken and often-times controversial lass has a massive followers on Facebook and it is clear to see why her latest post has seen her hurl all manner of insults at a politician who asked her out on a date.

As the story goes, the unnamed politician picked her up for the date and made a stop over at his baby mama’s house on the excuse of picking something up, but according to Elizabeth, he was showing her off to his baby mama.

Here’s what the lass wrote on her wall;

Someone offered to take me out for dinner won’t say your name publicly coz you are suppose to be this “respected politician” in Kenya hahaha lol! what a joke! *yawwwwning* if only the citizens knew what A DOOCHEBAG & a LOOSER you really are! Who they see out there on tv banging tables at press conferences & who you really are behind closed doors is just unbelieveable! ‪#‎Shaking_my_head‬ They elected a boy to do a man’s job coz behind closed doors,you really are just a scared little boy whose only sense of security is in bringing others down & intimidating them around! You are so scared of the world that you must be in political power inorder for you to feel complete as a human being! I sincerely pity you dude,nothing personal,i just feel sorry for you! You are nothing but a bully and the reason why you bully others sooo much is coz yourself you were a “geek” all through high school,not popular at all,wasn’t into sports,weren’t cool amongst your peers back then & you’ve gotten bullied alot while growing up! Also i noticed you need constant approval from others (Unapenda nikikusifu) and attention hence the never-ending theatrics IN SHORT,YOU ARE ONE SICK BASTARD WHO NEEDS SOME SERIOUS HELP & I MEAN THAT!!!

Infact i highly doubt that you joined politics to help Kenyans and make this country a better place as you so claim in your stupid little political rallies,i think you joined politics just to proove a point to yourself & to “feel strong” coz in reality you really are just a weak & timid piece of sh*t walking around town! (I do not need a degree in psychology to know all this about u! Just talking to you the few days that we’ve been chatting on whatsapp,reading your bio online and the fact that you surround yourself with goons to do your little “dirty jobs” for you,tells me everything that there is to know about you) Also it’s corny how you keep googling your own name!


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