Former KISS 100 radio presenter Caroline Mutoko finally speaks about the alleged...

Former KISS 100 radio presenter Caroline Mutoko finally speaks about the alleged romance with the late Mutula Kilonzo. Read this


Former KISS 100 radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has had her fair share in social media controversies linking her with the late Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo who died in a mysterious death at his home ranch in Maanzoni, Machakos County.

Rumors surfaced that the politician died of an heart attack while other sources reveal that he died after using some drug while waiting for his mistress.

The media personality became the talk of town after she was linked to the death of Mutula Kilonzo and that she was the lady seeing the politician.

Nothing was confirmed from Caroline or the deceased politician’s family and people were left with many questions without answers.

Now, years down the line, Caroline Mutoko penned down an interesting  article speaking out for the first time on the Mutula rumor as she addresses other matters.

You need to read this;

In a world hungry for negative news, gossip
and scandal, page views are generated by
catering to the lowest common denominator
and the lowest, primal need in a human being.
The need to be vile. In the world of social
media and gossip blogs the repugnant need to
the anonymously vile fuels the page views.
Enter the world of lies, rumours and malice on
your daily gossip blog. If you really want to
know what’s behind the nasty tales you droll
over daily, follow the money.

Those blogs would not exist without you and
because the losers behind them know you are
a closet nutcase, they make a living by feeding
your need for salacious gossip about people
you would never openly admit you envy and
are indeed a little jealous of. Being a troll, a
bully and a shallow-what-no-not is a drug
habit – you’re junkie, he’s the peddler. Tsk, tsk
– hold your tongue. I am not done yet.
Have I got your attention now? Good. Take
notes. Gossip blogging isn’t about honest
amazing stories or freedom of press as one
idiot puts it. It’s about filth. What use are real
stories anyway?
The truth doesn’t sell as well as lies coated in
malice and just a touch of cloak and dagger.
But where do they get the fodder you wonder?
It’s simple. Gossip bloggers target names that
make your heads spin.

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