Former The Trend host Larry Madowo attacked by fans Hours Before He...

Former The Trend host Larry Madowo attacked by fans Hours Before He Officially Left The Show.


Larry Madowo is one big name, perhaps one of the biggest there is in the Kenyan media, beaten only by the legendary Jeff Koinange (according to yours truly). And with fame as you might know already, comes hate. Lots of it. Hate in levels only Larry and a few others can explain.

The journalist is one of the most trolled person in the country right now. But with a million plus Twitter followers, and a similar number on Facebook, and on Instagram, its not that difficult to figure out why.

Just recently, Larry posted on Facebook a screenshot of the most searched people and his name appeared next to DJ Khaled. But it is the question he asked that had people talking. I think irked is the right term.


“Why is everyone Googling my name?😳” he posted.

And the responses were in plenty:

noneloh: You are a socialite… Isn’t that is a good thing???

flozy kerry: I am not and never will

zipporah7522: It’s not everyone abeg!!! Mimi sinjangungu (Google in kao)😂😂😂😂😂😂

Laurine Joyous: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 we want to know when you are getting married , yawa you are the only billionaire journalist with no wife or mpango wakando ama wewe ni OMONDI LONGLILO😯

Lugasi Christine: Tunataka kuona kama unaexit the trend kwa kutaka ama nikufukuzwa……#nimevaahelmet yaani sisi kama mahàters tunatafutilia kale kabad news about you ndio tuanze kutrend nayo.

Hildah Wanjiku: And what do you mean by everyone because am not in that everyone basket?

Juma Clive: It’s quite a name (either sounds witchy or tormenting)… For me I was searching for Larry page them Larry madowo appeared.

Francis Muthari: They’re wondering madodo inapatikana aje Na mahindi hakuna tupike githeri.

Soni Nancy: Whether its true you are leaving to go and grow some hair.

Mwalili Kenya: I saw larry madowo on my lap..deleted very fast n put kaspersky on standby…i thought its a virus.

Marion Irungu: Yeah i agree with u its checking the spelling at first i thought its”larry domodomo” kumbe ni larry madowo.



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