From being a lodging receptionist, grave-digger to pick-pocketer, Here are 10 jobs...

From being a lodging receptionist, grave-digger to pick-pocketer, Here are 10 jobs that will never be outdone by technology!


Automation is reducing the need for people in many jobs. Technology has therefore rendered many people jobless. The entry of ATMs saw a huge number of tellers kicked out of banking halls.

Mobile phones saw Telcom and other communication related companies close businesses. As much as technology is important in some sectors of economy like in manufacturing, consultancy, or even in entertainment, it is at the same time rendering many redundant.

But there are jobs that technology just can’t take away from us. They include;

Grave digging

There was a study carried out 10 years ago that revealed that a ‘certain community’ from Western Kenya blew up Sh1.7 billion in funerals. The figure, in this day, is probably much higher, seeing that funeral are no longer occasions to moan, but events to celebrate the life of the deceased with copious consumption of food and alcohol, as well as spending of hundreds of thousands of shillings to ensure a ‘perfect send-off.’ One person who makes the whole process possible is the grave digger. Funny how there are no standard fees for these ‘specialists.’

Bride price negotiations

Kenyans take bride price negotiations and payment seriously. It’s usually an occasion when a worried mother sighs with relief because her daughter, who performed dismally in high school, and barely managed to scrap through parallel degree programme, is finally getting off her hands without getting paged.

For that reason, the talkative uncle, who makes everybody laugh, will be the chief negotiator and as long as girls get married, his job is secure, since you can’t negotiate dowry on a whatsApp group!

Military parade commanders

Wars nowadays are fought with drones. Old generals press buttons in America and a village somewhere in Afghanistan is decimated by a bomb. But the military still has something about showing off and the military parade commander has to be there in person. Period!

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