‘Ghost busters’ of Kiasuni cause a scene by walking naked, see...

‘Ghost busters’ of Kiasuni cause a scene by walking naked, see these shocking details


‘Ghost busters’ of Kiasuni  Drama unfolded at Kiembeni in Mombasa county when witch-busters were called by villagers to ‘cast out’ evil spirits which are purported to be causing  untold misery to villagers.

Abdalla Mshiri and Hassan Hamadi set out to ‘exorcise’ the said evil spirits in an incident that attracted curious onlookers who watched with awe as the duo carried out the bizarre ritual.

The ghost busters went about their business half-naked in a fit to show the villagers they had nothing hidden in their body, as they dug holes and filled them with water before burying paraphernalia such as sealed bottles, black calabashes and horns.

A resident said unexplained deaths and high number of divorces warranted them to seek the help of the ghost busters who they now believe have cleansed the village of evil spirits that were haunting them.


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