GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Shocking as a Man Eats Human Flesh and Licks Blood

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Shocking as a Man Eats Human Flesh and Licks Blood


WARNING: Wonders will never end in this world, if you are not strong enough do not read this article, stop here please.

A man in a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans has shocked many across the world as his sickening photos continue doing rounds on the internet!!

Jihadi John was the most feared man prior to his death last year, he was seen in several ISIL videos beheading a number of captives in 2014 and 2015.

But now it seems a man from Central African Republic (C.A.R) has taken over the title ‘the World’s MOST Dreaded Man’.

C.A.R has been a theatre of war ever sectarian violence between majority Christians and minority Muslims broke out in 2013.

Sunday witnessed the most horrific scene ever seen since the violence began. And one Ouandja Magloire aka ‘Mad Dog’ was at the center of it all.

Mad Dog has sent chills down many people’s spines after he was seen eating flesh of a lynched Muslim man who was on fire.

Apparently Mad Dog has been feasting on human flesh whenever Muslim victims are killed. The cannibal usually cuts a portion of ‘meat’ from the body of murdered Muslim victims then eats as the audience cheers him on.

Mad Dog has attracted the attention of global media, his horrific acts have been given screaming headlines in a number of news outlets.

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