H-Art The Band Causes A Drama At The Koroga Festive And Got...

H-Art The Band Causes A Drama At The Koroga Festive And Got Arrested After Police Went In A Car Chase With Them See This.


Chase With Them See This.

The weekend was in all party mood for koroga festivals fans and Diamond was the main artist.

However our own h-art the band decided to cause a seen after Diamond finished his performance.

Narrating the incident on social media, H_art the Band said they were being chased all around the parking lot.

“⚠LONG POST ALERT ⚠ So yesterday at KOROGA FESTivAL minutes after Diamond ( @diamondplatinumz ) got on stage this happened 🔫We had a slight altercation with some Police officers 👮 it was Like a Movie🎬
We were being car-chased all round the parking lot by Police officers Left right and centre 🚔 For a second we felt like we I were in a Fast & Furious sequel 🚓

Please Understand this, we had not done anything wrong But from where we are From- the streets of KAYOLELESHWA- when we see the Cops coming towards you ,it’s either you take a U-TURN && Run or wait up for them a and feel the wrath 🏃 We decided to go with the latter – RUUUNNN!!! Like in every great Police /Robber movie ,we got arrested💥This was when Sh** got ReaL 🚾 Put in mind the fact that ,the whoLe essence of running is not to get Caught – I geuss we didn’t get the memo 😝

After getting arrested ,being thrown in jaiL ,spending almost 12hrs in a back _& forth trying to convince the cops that we didn’t run Because we were in the wrong – we Learnt a very important Lesson 📝 COMMUNICATION: How you address someone at the first instant is key to deciding the direction that conversation will taKe #truth 😉 Whether or not you are the one on the rigHt / wronG #trustUs 😃 Also, our reaction when the cops approached us brings the question that, if those who are supposed to protect you instill fear in you – How saFe are We ❓❔❓ Forgive our manners.”


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