Here are the 5 things that you never knew about ‘proff Hammo’...

Here are the 5 things that you never knew about ‘proff Hammo’ of popular Churchill show. You will be surprised


He is funny he’s got humor and you all love him.Herman Kago known as Proff Hammo is one of the most hilarious comedian right now in the laugh industry. Kenyans simply can’t get enough of him. However there are quiet some things most people do not know about him.

Here they are:
1. Proff Hammo left college during his second year
Funny as he is, the comedian is smart and has brains. Unfortunately, he left college where he was pursuing a diploma in electrical engineering at Kisumu Polytechnic on his second year. Hammo went on and said that comedy was his dream and he left school to follow his dream, something he said he was proud of.

2. The thing behind his stage name ‘Harmo’
The name ‘Hammo’ came up from his professor and also his weird hairdo and beards made it complete. However, initially, Hammo used to call himself, ‘Hammo the entertainer’ .

3. How he ended in Churchill
In September 2014 I heard that Churchill Show was coming to Nakuru. I went for auditions and when they saw me ‘hawakuamini natokanga Nakuru’ because I had never told anyone in the audition panel. This time I had one killer line, ‘mstari moja tu ndio iliweza’, just one the rest were whack.

4. He is a family man
To all the ladies out there, Hammo is taken. The comedian is a husband and a father of two. He is also a brother to three of his siblings.

5. His dream audience
This will leave you in stitches. Apparently, the comedian wishes to one day perform his jokes to the sick people in Mathare Hospital (for the mentally challenged). He said that making a mad man laugh is the most difficult thing and if he can do that, he can make possibly anyone laugh.


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