Here are the 5 celebrities who have run mad and are in...

Here are the 5 celebrities who have run mad and are in mental institutions. One of them claimed to be the killer of Raila’s son


Kenya has had to loose some of the popular celebrities to drugs and mental institutions.

Most of these celebrities who engage in drug abuse are depressed or luck guidance on how to spend their wealth. Just like them, those who turn mad are mostly under depression and pressure that raises the level of stress causing them to loose their minds.

Madness comes in different forms. There are those who show signs of fierceness and those who are calm but are lost in their own planet.

However, this should not be shocking since just like every other human beings, celebrities and famous people also loose their cool at times and some end up in mental institutions.

Below is a list of seven celebrities who have both been rumored and confirmed they had a date with psychiatrists or locked in mental facilities:

1.  Emmanuel Makori Nyambane alia AKA

makori1_22042016Makori was a Churchill show comedian who left you in stitches with his hilarious but creative comics. Unfortunately the comedian was caught on camera showing signs of a complete mad man as he wrapped himself with a dirty sack. This was in 2014 when he disappeared from your screens. Makori was said to have been taken to a mental hospital and later on he resurfaced on Churchill Show before he disappeared again with his whereabouts being hard to come by.

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