Here is the top ten list of boyfriends and acquaintances every woman...

Here is the top ten list of boyfriends and acquaintances every woman once dated. Every female has definitely had Number one and eight


Every woman has had a list of men they have dated or gone intimate with at one point in their lives.

Women make out with different guys they meet and sometimes in their journey of finding the one true love. Unfortunately, these becomes a test drive since they never find ‘Mr right’ because he does not really exist.

Nowadays finding soul-mates has become just as hard as finding a faithful man. However, dating came around so that one can be able to find the right person who they blend and connect with mostly emotionally.

Research reveals that the average woman will kiss 15 men, have two long-term relationships and undergo heart-breaks twice before she meets the right man.

Anyways, these are the ten guys at least every lady has had

1.The bad boys
Someone once said that bad boys are not good but good boys are not fun, this is so true. This are the kind of guys who will break your heart a million times but when they come back you accept them and can;t explain how. They are dangerous and messy. They are selfish, manipulative and you love them because they are fun to be with. Every good girl or bad, has had a taste of the bad-boy.

2.The one who looks like your brother
This men are the kind of people who know you a bit deeper. They are the kind that have seen you without make-up, they remember your birthdays, they have seen you without your eye-brows on and they understand you, just like your own brother.

3.The colleague
This happens to all ladies. You met at the workplace, had a moment of attraction and there, you started dating. However, this always ends badly. After around seven dates a week, lunch breaks included, you realize that the pressure is too much and also the relationship might cost you your job. You end it.

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