“Hii Bado Ni Wokovu” Fans attack singer Hopekid for attending Busy Signal...

“Hii Bado Ni Wokovu” Fans attack singer Hopekid for attending Busy Signal concert


When it comes to music, how far should one stretch his or her adventures especially if you’re a gospel star and very many (born again) young people look up tot you?

Hope Kid

I’m pretty aware that Kenya’s two top gospel artistes; Bahati and Willy Paul, have scrapped the line completely, they have partnered with the most ‘questionable’ secular artistes and chucked great tunes as well as doing solo ‘secular’ projects now and then. They still claim to be gospel artists although organisers of gospel music awards have snubbed them lately.

A popular gospel reggae artist, Hopekid The General, found himself cornered by fans after he was spotted at a recent reggae concert. He attended the Busy Signal concert last month at the KICC.

The backlash didn’t come as a surprise became Hopekid’s type of music is all about Jesus and the word. Period.

Concern from his fans and other gospel artists is that though the two are both reggae artists, he shouldn’t have showed up at that concert.

So during an interview on ‘Maloko Show’ by Kiss FM‘s Chito Ndhlovu, the singer sought to clear his name saying he is a huge fan of Busy Signal and only graced the show for the experience.

I know you guys are expecting me to lie but let me say this. I was there for the music and I can’t deny that I don’t know Busy Signal and I don’t know the music he does. He does the same kind of music I do just that he is on the other side. I was there basically for the experience. I love live band music and more so I love live reggae band music and so I was there to witness the show.” The General said.



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