Hilarious. These are the 10 ways you can use a ‘Mwakenya’ without...

Hilarious. These are the 10 ways you can use a ‘Mwakenya’ without being caught. This will make you laugh to death


Kenyan was named as the most corrupt country even her president could not help but spit out. The roots of corruption have grown deeper and spread wider.

However, have you ever wondered how all this comes about? Well, it all starts in school. When students are waiting for final exams and the pressure becomes very high as their eagerness and hope for success gets into their heads.They start believing less on themselves and they fall victims of exam cheating.

They contribute money and buy the ‘exams’ so as to pass with flying colours. However, what they do not know is that they have just planted a deep seeds that will yield to produce cheaters in all corners of the country. Leaders who cannot believe in themselves and finally end up eating all the development finances.

Yes, it all starts from school. Anyways, these are the most hilarious and crazy forms of going into an examination room with a Mwakenya without anyone noticing. Number five will leave you in stitches.

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