How Former TV Presenter, Esther Arunga was forcefully aborted by Dr. Frank...

How Former TV Presenter, Esther Arunga was forcefully aborted by Dr. Frank Njenga Ordered by a Politician.Untold Story Now Revealed!


“Who knows how Esther Arunga was forcefully aborted and robbed of a baby at the hands of Dr Frank Njenga, Dr Arunga and orders from PM Odinga?” leaked section of the book declares Miguna is now threatening to break the news how a former TV anchor Esther Arunga was abused, humiliated, molested and sedated at the hands of PM Odinga, her dad Dr Arunga, Dr Frank Njenga of Bustani Medical Centre (37 Muthangari Road) and the CID’s hired goons. And we can still remember how the year 2010 exploded in Kenya with human rights abuses which the Timberlake family faced. It was horror and terror from a government meant to protect.

Dr Njenga is now at the helm of NACADA as it’s boss. An advocate company is threatening to sue after gathering all evidences on how Esther Arunga was tortured by Dr Frank Njenga. Esther was tortured under the watch of her dad Dr Arunga, Dr Njenga, CID officer Mr Lumosi and PM Raila who ordered all this. Reports reaching us are that Dr Njenga was ordered to forcefully “delete” the baby from Esther’s womb. Reasons being the baby was a seed from an “un-established, conman from the poor backyard.” The advocate company has handed over the video footage to a trusted CID officers. It painfully shows how Esther went through the forceful abortion while under sedation. the clip further shows how Esther screamed painfully while the baby was being pulled out by force to teach her a lesson. Sinclair, their current baby is their second born who ha since taken over as first born. The lawyers also have in custody numerous signatures signed by Esther’s dad Dr Arunga and other relatives ensuring that she was indeed taught a lesson.

The book also praises K24′s media guru Jeff Koinange for his fruitful effots to save Esther by calling several points of interests to rescue. It is indeed Jeff Koinange who led trusted companies to where Esther was being tortured by simply calling. Without Koinange’s help, Esther could have died. “Dr Njenga must face full arms of the law and be the best lesson to others who do the same,” explains Miguna. Canadian Kenyan internationally acclaimed solicitor Miguna Miguna is a renowned lawyer for human rights, anti-corruption and equality. He’s the immediate former Kenya’s Prime Minister in-charge of Coalition Affairs.

Having parted ways on allegations of corruption at the PM’s office, Miguna Miguna now threatens to write a books containing content readers may find disturbing. The Daily Telegraph advises viewer discretion. It seems he’s in the war to stay until personal differences are toned down.

Leaked sections of his books are roaming in the British press. The book claims that in 2010 the INTERPOL in Nairobi denied received any reports that Timberlake stole US$70m from a French bank in Paris. “We did not and does not intend to receive such a malicious accusation because we’ve never received a theft case of that amount by an individual,” said a by then senior CID officer who was attached to Interpol in Nairobi. The then director of serious crimes unit (CID HQs) told court in February 2010 that he had a dossier showing that Interpol once had Timberlake on a list of people they wanted over $70m theft charges. INTERPOL warned of serious consequences against politicians who were aimlessly exuggerating reports attaching them to it for their own gains. INTERPOL cleared Timberlake of any charges since his fingerprints and bio-data could not be found on criminals list wanted for theft.

“Why?? Because of voodooism. Reason? Our prominent sons and daughters are being sat on by PM Raila, and no one speaketh. Siaya is completely gone and owned by Raila and the people of Siaya have had their land stolen from them. Luo’s Mollasses, the public sponsored and financed by the Greater Luo Nyanza, Muhoroni Sugar shut down intentionally to terminate Luos’ wealth is suddenly under PM Raila’s ownership. Luo thrift projects at Kisumu and Tom Mboya Hall are run and controlled by the Odinga network. Luo land and wealth has been illegally and unconstitutionally acquired by Raila’s special interest cartels network including Migingo, Osienala e.t.c. Migingo island game was a typical “theatre” performed by Raila himself by involving someone who’s publicly known as his enemy to confuse Kenyans. After all the theatrical dramas, Migingo has since secretly fallen under Raila’s footrest. Makalda mine and other natural resources in the whole of Nyanza has been sold illegally to unscrupulous business mechants from South Africa, Canada, Nigeria and the US. Now another illegal allocation of government shares has just taken place at East African Portland Cement, how can such an enormous cement empire be sold without government’s knowledge? Remember, Raila runs the Industrialization docket under Minister Amason Kingi,” diaspora spokesperson explained.

Leaked parts of the notorious author’s book claims that the special interest cartels who look for “free business enterprising” without going by the Reform Agenda Constitutional Policy to regulate and control the business empire. Reasons being mutual business undertaking should benefit all stakeholders in a balanced shares contractual agreement without discrimination or being corrupted or stolen from in anyway. Dominion farm is polluting the environment. Siaya people have complained of food poisoning which includes toxic substances in their agricultural produce dangerous for consumption.


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