I did not kill Wairimu, She did it herself. I loved her...

I did not kill Wairimu, She did it herself. I loved her so Much – Njenga Karume Grandson


The 30-year-old grandson of the late billionaire politician Njenga Karume has denied allegations that he pushed his fiancée, Victoria Wairimu, 36, to her death from the fourth floor of his Gracia Apartment house in Kiambu following a domestic squabble.

In an exclusive interview with The Nairobian, a tearful Kenneth Wathugi Karume who is a commercial pilot said he is still in shock over the death of a woman he claims to have loved deeply. Wairimu, who sustained injuries on her limbs, head and back, died on the spot.

“I did not push her. Every time we had an argument, she would threaten to jump off the balcony. I never took it seriously until last weekend when she actually jumped,” said Karume.

But Kiambu County Police Commander James Mugera had earlier told the press that Karume is most likely to face murder charges because every witness pointed an accusing finger at him. But Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta, however says police would be wrong to charge Karume with murder.

Karume says they spent the whole day in the house relaxing over drinks and that the late Wairimu was in a jovial mood. They even reportedly finalised plans to invite her family to his place for mbuzi choma. But later in the evening, he says, they got into an argument and she told him as before that she would jump off the balcony.

“I didn’t bother much because I thought it was of her usual threats and just focused on phone. But when I raised my head a second later, she wasn’t at the balcony. I thought she had maybe gone into the kitchen and started searching for her. I checked inside the house but she wasn’t there. That is when it hit me that she could have actually jumped,” claims Karume.

Karume says that when he dashed to the balcony, he was shocked to see his fiancée lying lifeless on the ground.

“Still in shock, I started shouting, ‘Help! Help!’ I don’t know what overcame me as I climbed over the fourth floor balcony, holding on to the rails. Then I jumped onto the third floor and continued that way until I hit the ground. All this time, I was shouting for help. In my panic, I didn’t even think of using the stairs, all I wanted was to get to ground floor as soon as possible and save her,” says Karume tearfully.

When he reached the ground, a crowd had already formed around the woman’s body.

“I was weeping as I approached her, hoping I could do something to save her. But suddenly, the crowd turned on me and started beating me as I screamed and crawled towards where my girlfriend lay. I was still determined to save her.

“In my mind, I knew I was going to die, but still wanted to get to the woman I loved to save her before I die. But I was overcome by the crowd and just lay on the ground very still and let them beat me. Someone came with kerosene and forced me to drink it. They also poured it on my body and wanted to set me on fire,” Karume narrates.

It’s at that moment that police arrived on the scene and saved the situation.

He says most of his friends have on several occasion overheard his fiancée threatening to jump over the balcony.

“Even on that particular day, one of my friends who knows her very well because she is the one who introduced me to her, heard her threatening to jump several times. This has been the hardest moment in life. I just lost the woman I love dearly, and I am now being held by police as a suspect over a crime I didn’t commit. I don’t know if my life will ever be the same again,” Karume adds.


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