‘I was once a thief’ Gospel singer Size 8 reveals an incident...

‘I was once a thief’ Gospel singer Size 8 reveals an incident that has shocked everyone. See this


Linet Munyali better known as Size 8 is one of Kenya’s biggest female artists in the gospel industry.

Size 8’s union with Sammy Muraya also known as DJ Mo was one big blessing that led to her transformation.

Now she lives happily with him and their daughter Ladasha. However we all know a bit of her life story and the struggle, the poverty she and her siblings went through before her transformation.

Size 8 recently revealed a memory that has left everyone in shock. She explains how hunger and life’s hardships at home forced her to be a thief.

Read this: “I was born and raised in Maringo Eastlands Estate. As a family we were so poor that we lacked enough food. So on this particular day my sister and I stole the neighbor’s chicken…hunger was too much. My elder sister devised a trap which worked very well. We strategically laid a tail of maize grains which led into our house. The neighbor’s chicken fed o the cereals until it got into the house. We immediately pounced on it, slaughtered, boiled and fed on the chicken. Hiyo siku hatukuwa hata na mafuta ya kukaranga. We later washed the utensils thoroughly, put the chicken’s feathers inside a polythene bag, wrapped it and threw it away. We had to get rid of the evidence,”


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