If you have a big butt you are healthy. However, this is...

If you have a big butt you are healthy. However, this is dangerous for men. See details


Men love women with big butts. Well, the research has shown that people with big derriere are usually healthy than those who are not blessed with big behinds.

However, the report added that big tummy is not healthy as some men think “fat around the hips and thighs is good for you but around the tummy is bad.

Further the report indicates that women with sizeable behinds are more resistant to chronic illnesses.

From the research, they discovered that bigger bums are a sign of lower levels of cholesterol.

They also found that women with this  body trait are also able to produce more hormones to metabolise sugar.  In another report, the study shows that women with larger hips were found to be more likely to give birth to intelligent children.

However, the report does not touch on men’s butt. However men with big butts tend to fall prey for gay and they generally look awful.


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