Implants and sunlight will kill you before I do; Huddah Monroe...

Implants and sunlight will kill you before I do; Huddah Monroe threatens Vera Sidika. See this video


Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika are arch enemies who will kill each other if they get the opportunity.

They are the most talked about socialites in Nairobi and have incredibly rooted rivalry. A few weeks ago Huddah and Vera wanted so bad to smash each other but now it looks like things are getting worse than expected.

The two had settled their difference but unfortunately it was short lived. Now what Huddah wants to do is to slit Vera’s throat.

Whatever Vera said to Huddah must have been really deep since Huddah’s video that has landed in the hands of social media seems pretty upsetting with her huge insults on Vera.

In the text video, Huddah goes on trashing Vera’s body implants and also claims that her skin bleach was cheap from River Road and it has started affecting her.

Vera Sidika before and after skin bleach

She also mocked Vera telling her that the skin bleach has made her a slave since she can not come out with extreme sunlight.

The beef between the two socialites is getting out of hand.

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