Is Comedian Dr Ofweneke really an Illuminati? Find Out Here His Raw...

Is Comedian Dr Ofweneke really an Illuminati? Find Out Here His Raw Confession


Have you heard about the new mobile app that’s taking the social media by storm? It’s called Sarahah??

The application, the work of an Arab guy from some Arab country (hence the name) let’s people pose questions to others in a discreet manner and as you might have guessed it already, the celebs have been on the receiving end of the ‘conversation’.

Dr Ofweneke_passport

Our Kenyan stars, case in point comedian Dr. Ofweneke have not been left behind. He has been getting weird questions and his responses are just as savage!

One fan asked him:

“Is it true that you are Illuminati and that you recruit people?”

He posted the answer on Instagram;

Mama I made it!!This is the Kenyan way of telling you dude you are rich and successful 😎😎😎😎 first of all Illumunati don’t like skinny people like me I mean will they feed me or send me for missions its too much work for them! I have never hidden my love for Jehovah Jireh, King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,I am washed by the blood of Jesus and yes he is the reason behind my success!! Try him too.”

Shots fired! Actually no.. Kenyans, surprisingly, unlike the trolling we’re used to seeing online, lauded the comedian saying indeed it was the work of God.

Below is how two lady fans responded:

Maggie: Amen. People don’t just get it. God blesses His own. He owns heaven and earth and everything in them.

Joyce: 😂😂😂😂😂Tell them our God owns the whole universe. Silver and gold belongs to Him too.

But of course there’s always a naysayer lurking nearby:

Kriserroh: Wewe wacha banaaa, tunajua ukweli 😂🏃


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