Is this another scandal? Government leases 45cars to NTSA at a cost...

Is this another scandal? Government leases 45cars to NTSA at a cost of sh 630million!


The government vehicles leased to NTSA to tighten the surveillance on our roads might be another financial scam.

The vehicles from Peugeot Kenya includes 40 Station Wagon and 5 Ambulances totaling to 45 cars at a cost of Sh630 million. This means each car is estimated to have costed the goverment a cool Sh 14million.

Billionaire businessman, Jacob Juma, has raised a corruption alert in the deal saying the lease agreement bears features of corruption stating that the price per car is highly inflated at sh 14million.

This what he posted on his Facebook page, “Fellow Kenyans, our country is currently under serious crises that have pushed it to the brink of collapse. Kenya is engulfed in acute corruption, impunity, lack of law and order, tribalism, nepotism, economic hardships etc caused by dictatorial leadership. One of the pillars of a dictatorship is the constant allocation of blame for own blunders to those who are the biggest threat to the dictatorship.

How can NTSA lease 45 saloon cars for Ksh630 million? Meaning, each saloon car is leased for Ksh14 million per year? Corruption disaster in Kenya is at unprecedented and abnormal levels.

How do we STOP corruption in this country? I feel like giving up now. How can a whole country be this corrupt? My heart bleeds everyday. When shall Kenyans stop blatant theft of public resources? Whoever brainwashed this regime, its leadership will flop for the same old reason: the rotten and bandit economy”.




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