Is this rotten or safe? Students from popular University form a #Teammafisi...

Is this rotten or safe? Students from popular University form a #Teammafisi sacco. You will not believe what they do


Kenya  has officially qualified to be termed as a S3x thirst nation. It is with no doubt that apart from leading in corruption scandals, we come second with the notorious scandals being led by our politicians.

The leaders have turned the nation into a horrific movie and the young people have made it their mission to explore and invest in highly rated immorality. Its sad but this is as true as it gets. Just when you think the government is messing up, that is when you hear shocking revelations like the one that was done recently by students of Rongo University in Migori County.

Well, lets take a look at what it entails:

1. Its a sacco named ‘Team Mafisi’

rongo3_30042016This sacco looked for a name that will relate to what the initiative is all about and named it ‘Team Mafisi’ the infamous that Kenyans made to associate the s3x thirst men with it. However, the sacco chairman Juma expressed that the name was to generate interest for their activities.

2. Registered under Rongo University

rongo1_30042016This group is registered under Rongo University College Students Union (RUCSU) where the Dean of students will act as the patron.

3. Purpose of the sacco

rongo4_30042016Just like all the other sacco’s you know, this particular ‘Team Mafisi’ sacco also offers support needed by students with emotional issues and love life.

4. Aims and future achievements

rongo5_30042016The sacco is set to to advocate for safe s3x, stocking the c0nd0ms dispensers and distribute to the students in the institution.

5. Administration’s views on the sacco

rongo6_30042016The College’s  principal, Prof Samuel Gudu believes that this group has the best idea in the journey to fight problems that face the youths like drug abuse, s3xual immorality by acting as an instrument to reach the students in the college.


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