Jeff Koinange’s talk show banned from airing on any TV station by...

Jeff Koinange’s talk show banned from airing on any TV station by the Kenya Film Classification Board


The new rules by Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has left popular journalist-cum TV host Jeff Koinange jobless. The government has issued strict warnings on any broadcast that hosts politicians with loose tongues which may result to harsh consequences.

The board ordered the ban after numerous concerns were raised by the government terming the show as a platform for politicians with loose tongues who spew venom on national television for personal and political motives.

jeff2_22042016This comes shortly after the KFCB ordered all national TV’s to stop airing explicit adverts and music videos.

However, the penalty for airing defamatory remarks by politicians or hosting them is Shs 500,000. The KFCB CEO, Ezekiel Mutua said this; ”No media should risk inviting politicians who are known for their bad mouth. Disclaimers will not work in this case. If you want a politician to be part of your programming, then they must conform to the broadcasting standards”


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