Joho exposed: Former KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali pens down a letter...

Joho exposed: Former KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali pens down a letter to Joho and his brother who are buying drugs for youths as a campaign strategy


Mohammed Ali is known for his work during the time he worked at KTN as an investigative journalist exposing the powerful and mighty.

The former journalist was worshiped by his fans and viewers after revealing all the dirty secrets done by politicians, pastors and leaders in the society.

It was saddening when he left media to join politics and many were angered with him. After failing during the primaries he came out and announced that he was going to vie as an independent candidate.

Now Mohammed has been on Joho’s neck and has wrote him and his brother a letter warning him to stop buying youths drugs.

The former KTN journalist claimed that the two brothers (Joho and his brother) are buying young men drugs.

See this:

pevujoho1He wrote:

Today I have woken up to the most laughable piece of fake news that I have ever seen. In an attempt to save his candidate, Abuu Joho has fallen back on the claim that I, Mohamed Ali, am a Jubilee candidate! It is funny, but also sad.

Sad because rather than campaign on the real issues in Nyali, my competitor Saido, and the real person behind him, Abuu, can only use fake, irresponsible and just silly tactics to compete. Here is free advice from me, STOP WASTING TIME, if you really have something to tell the people, tell them. STOP HIRING THUGS to disrupt my meetings. STOP BUYING YOUNG MEN DRUGS so that they can do your bidding. THEY ARE NOT SLAVES, AND YOU ARE NOT THEIR SULTAN.  All you are doing is injuring the very people whose votes you want. If you choose to bribe people, bribe them with the truth; tell them how you will solve their problems, as I have been doing. You know Saido, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  My campaign is about improving the lives of all Nyalians. Today I am offering to improve your life as a resident of Nyali too; campaign peacefully, compete with honour, and SPEAK to the people. Msikubali akili ndogo kutawala akili kubwa. Uzeni sera!

Yours truly,
Mohamed ALI


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