JUBILEE in PANIC mode, see why Uhuru and Ruto are sweating at...

JUBILEE in PANIC mode, see why Uhuru and Ruto are sweating at night


It’s laughable that the government of the day, which controls the military, the police, the intelligence community and the Treasury is very scared of the opposition to the point of the president reading his political obituary during National holiday.

It is ironic that the government that controls all the money in Kenya, is claiming that the opposition has a mighty financial war chest than it, the leader of majority sensationally claimed that the opposition has over Ksh 10bn at its disposal and that was a worry to a government that manages a budget of Ksh 2.2 trillion, How ironic?

Perhaps the most laughable government claim is the assertion by the majority leader that the opposition was planning to topple the government, it is very ironic that the government is afraid of a mere citizen whom they have intimidated to the point of denying him access to the VIP lounges in our airports and facilities abroad.

The leader of majority in parliament should be aware that anybody who entertains the thought of toppling a government should be charged in a court of law and handed a death penalty because such thoughts are what the legal jargon refer to as treason.


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