Kalonzo belongs to Jubilee and not CORD, see this

Kalonzo belongs to Jubilee and not CORD, see this


Let’s call Hon Kalonzo those funny names like watermelon, kigeugeu only if we forget that politics is a dirty game.Now, what does someone fight for in order to be called a leader or adored and even put on a pedestal by his people?

A good leader fights for his people to get development.

Let’s criticize Kalonzo on a mature reflection and on the balance of almost all probabilities. Hon Kalonzo Musyoka hails from Mwingi, that’s the great Kambaland. Who knows what or how Kambaland looks like?

The history of femine and draught in Kambaland is known by all the world and his wife. I guess you understand where my mind is tossing.

“Who can spit a juicy morsel that good fortune puts on his mouth?”-

Who expected Kalonzo to forgo the second most powerful post in Kenya just because of his friendship with a man whose people are well endowed with good land for agriculture, plenty of water from L. Victoria, enough food, e.g fish?

It’s by virtue of Kalonzo-Kibaki amalgamation that Mwingi-Kitui was linked to the capital, Nairobi by a well tammacked road.How could his loyalty to the Lakeside man build Kamba that road?

Please kindly join Jubilee government and save your people from accute water shortages.You are the hero of Kambaland. Don’t just see the forest for the trees.Your seat is still well reserved beside H.E W. Ruto.