Kayole cop Hessy and his squad receives threatening message from the husband...

Kayole cop Hessy and his squad receives threatening message from the husband of female thug who was gunned down weeks ago. See the post


A few weeks ago Kayole cop known as Hessy shared a post of a young lovely lady he had gunned down for being a notorious thug in the hood.

The lady known as Claire Njoki was shot dead by Hessy days after warning her of the crimes she has been committing with her husband Mwane.

Hessy went ahead and warned Mwane telling him that his days are numbered and he is next on line.

Now after the disgraceful burial of Claire Mwane has issued a threat to Hessy and he and his boys have sworn to come at him.

Claire Njoki’s burial

On his social media account Mwane shared the post that read:

“Vini, Ngare and Blackie you killed Claire because she refused to rat me out then made it look like she was a criminal too, how do you take pride in knowing that you killed an innocent person and lied to Kenyans that you recovered weapons. Hessy, stop taking the credit for killing Claire saying that you had warned her and just settle your grudge with me like a man instead of dragging innocent people into battle they know nothing of. I am not and will never be a GSU member. I’m from the GAZA empire. Don’t think you are special to say who will die and who will live, you are not God. There is nothing that your God Hessy will do (wicked man).”


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