Leave me alone: Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli rants on haters who can’t...

Leave me alone: Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli rants on haters who can’t seem to mind their own business. See what she called them


Social media bullies have made the life of pretty Citizen TV’s news anchor Lilia Muli a movie to watch and criticize on every single thing.

Right from when the sassy news anchor broke up with her abusive husband Moses Kanene to when she found her new love Shabana FC Chairman Nevaton.

Though non of that has stopped her from slaying and looking incredibly fabulous she had something to tell all haters who abuse, mock and scrutinize all news anchors.

Recently she shared a post on her Instagram enjoying a local dish of omena (small fish) with Ugali at a spot in the city and haters immediately trolled her.

In a bitter post she wrote: “I’m always the last person to learn about what’s been said about me I hear they call it trolling I simply learnt to shut my ears to nonsense. Having said that I find it extremely offensive that some people think News Anchors should not have a life away from the Newsroom…so you are human and we are Robots? I actually heard someone saying. We try to be celebrities …help me understand what that means exactly? CELEWHAT??? That’s an extremely dumb statement. Anyway as you live your lives trust me I will continue living mine and if you stalk or follow me on social media you will learn to accept that this…my Life…happens to be mine NOT YOURS so if it upsets you when my dress shows cleavage or I eat omena at a local you’d better check yourself and ask yourself why you’re all up in my business in the first place…maybe I’m your celebrity and you are my biggest fan just in denial 😊!!! I will probably wear that dress I Love so much again and eat that fish again. Not trying to be anything but me! ✌️ Be nice! Ama namna gani.


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