LIVE: State of The Nation Address By Uhuru Kenyatta From Parliament

LIVE: State of The Nation Address By Uhuru Kenyatta From Parliament



President Kenyatta ends his speech, Muturi and Ethure adjourns parliament and senate respectively.

5.25p.m – Wrapping up

I feel especially proud this afternoon sitting with his brother and wife, who told me that they are also ready to die protecting fellow Kenyans from such heinous attacks.

President Kenyatta awards Muslim man who died while shielding Christian passenger in a terror attack the Grand Warrior of Kenya.


I wish to honour the Kenyan who was shot for the simple reason that he was shielding Christians from attacks. He shielded people he did not even know.



4.48p.m -Education

Education quality in Kenya is number 1 in Africa. Digital learning devices for class 1 and class 2 already in the country

More areas covered by Mobile service providers, only few areas remain

Education system to be overhauled

New classes to be build to achieve 100% transition from Primary school to secondary school


4.42p.m -Health

Free maternity health care on course. Government to support terminal illnesses through medical equipments provided to county Governments, 2 hospitals in each county to be fully equipped

4.39p.m -Judiciary

President Kenyatta requests judiciary to expedite cases before them on corruption, to table progress so far later

4.29p.m – Devolution

Jubilee to continue supporting Devolution as its key to economic growth. President Kenyatta notes that in many counties devolution money is not being used for its purpose as many Governors are self-enriching themselves.

4.25p.m – Energy

634 Megawatts of power introduced to the National grid. 10,000 KM of high capacity transmission lines constructed, Garissa to receive power next month. 1.2 Million Kenyans connected to electricity. Street lights done in over 50 towns. Kenya gearing towards 24 hour economy.


Jubilee Government working on more roads than 50 years since independence. Mombasa port to be expanded as 2 berths added at Kilindini harbour, Mombasa is 4th busiest airport in Africa. JKIA New terminals opened, 2 more to be opened.

Road construction is important as infrastructure creates jobs and economic growth. Uhuru highlights after 100 Years by June,2017 the SGR will be Nairobi, to be extended to Naivasha, later to Malaba and Kisumu.

4.15p.m Uhuru Highlights the improvements on Tourism like flight charters and construction of roads at the coast. Uhuru says many hotels at the Coast are booked up to June.

He asks Kenyans to believe in our motherland

The Constitution prescribes that the Head of State shall give an annual report to Parliament on national security, Kenya’s progress in fulfilling international obligations, and the degree to which the country continues to uphold its national values and pursue governance objectives

3.00pm President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Parliament buildings to start this year’s state of the nation address, inspects a guard of honour mounted by the members of the disciplined forces.

The opposition has already asked the President to address “real issues” facing the country and that the speech should not degenerate into a public relations exercise for the ruling Jubilee coalition and empty rhetoric

3.15pm Speakers of the bicameral Parliament Justin Muturi and Ekwe Ethuro accompany the President into the chambers where he is expected to make the speech. Members of the august house are present

3.22pm President Uhuru invited to the podium as some members of the house whistle in protest. The President is forced to back down and Speaker Muturi takes over to address members; pleads with MPs to allow the speech go on.

Members of the opposition had threatened to disrupt the speech but Muturi had implored them to bring order in the house

ODM chairman John Mbadi, Tom Kajwang, Gladys Wanga, Opiyo Wandayi declared out of order and directed to leave the chamber

Speaker Muturi orders that Wandayi be forcefully ejected by the sergeant at arms

Kajwang, Wanga are now ordered out of the house and more whistles of protest are heard.

Standing orders of the house declare that a member forcefully eject by the sergeant at arms stays out of the chamber for the rest of the year

Speaker of the lower house Ethuro takes over from Muturi and affirms earlier directives that members named leave the chamber


President Uhuru Kenyatta begins his speech by requesting a minute of silence for our fallen soldiers in Somali as some CORD Mps refuse to stand up

The President begins his speech reminding Kenyans on importance of Nationhood and the bond that unites Kenyans.

President Uhuru requests the opposition to criticize Government not as a sport but to offer alternative leadership

President Uhuru requests the media to offer the bridge and also offer alternative information

President Uhuru turns to Jubilee manifesto as he ties it to Nationhood and achievements of the Jubilee Government.

Uhuru points out: inflation under control, growth to be 6% in the next 12 months, achieved middle income status – Kenya can acquire loans cheaply, easier to register companies as individuals through new companies act.







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