LOVE DRAMA; This is the man who has reunited Idris Sultan with...

LOVE DRAMA; This is the man who has reunited Idris Sultan with Wema Sepetu. You will not believe this


Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan are Tanzania’s most controversial celebrity couple. Their relationship which is literally run on social media caused a buzz recently after a video leaked showing Wema kissing another man.

Idris who was in the country got a chance to explain how he felt about the viral video of her girlfriend. The #Trend host Larry Madowo got Idris talking and he told the world how his girlfriend finds the need to humiliate him and disrespect him in public.

That said, rumors followed shortly after that the two couple were done. Wema Sepetu is said to have blocked Idris and the two were not in talking terms.

However, something has just happened that will sure teach you a lesson why you should never involve yourself in issues of two people that have bonded intimately.

Idris posted a video of a popular Tanzanian singer, Rama Dee dubbed, ‘Kipendacho roho’ which had a deep message in it.

The Big Brothe winner went a head and tweeted that one can still go back to their ex despite the age and time.

“Rama Dee Kipenda Roho aiseeee hii nyimbo ni habari nyingine unaweza mrudia ex wako wa 1970 wakati umezaliwa 80,” 

sepetu3_13042016Idris also posted a tweet to the singer saying that the song made Wema unblock him; @RamaDee3 Bro mpaka Wema ameni-unblock.”

Well, whatever Idris and Wema Sepetu are going through right now one thing is for sure, these two are in-love whether its showbiz or not.

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