Maisha ni safari: Wife to former TV personality Grace Msalame’s baby daddy...

Maisha ni safari: Wife to former TV personality Grace Msalame’s baby daddy reveals what she used to do before her life changed. MUST READ!


Whenever any successful person tells you about their life and struggles we always believe they are lying or at least exaggerating.

This is because their current state and lifestyle does not look anything like hustle or struggle.

Well just like any other person who has gone through a rough past but ended up being blessed new wife to Grace Msalame’s baby daddy, Evaline Momanyi has a story to tell.

In her social media page Momanyi took her time to share her experience in life and challenges she went through before she reached the end of the tunnel.

She also shared an old photo to prove that sometimes you do not need to change your skin because when God decides to bless you you will surely have a different look all afresh.

momanyii1She wrote: “You have to start somewhere!! This pic was taken a few years later from a cyber I used to work in. Those were the days you couldn’t even afford powder for your face, wake up at 5.30 am to jav (is this word still in use 🙈) to work and go home at 9 pm. And of course….. there was this fruity yummy lip gloss with every street vendor. There’s no mama who didn’t have lip gloss… it was like 40 bob. I worked in 3 cybers……Proud Head of Admin and Facilities. I used to be the first one to arrive so I can sweep the floor, dust the comps and reset timers on the machines. Cybers were the hottest thing!!!! After that, receptionist, admin and accountant. I helped a good number of people open yahoo and hotmail accounts. Surprisingly also helped many random women with their jungu connections in chat rooms. Yep… I saw things! My first salary was 30 bob for lunch and 40 bob for transport. Unpaid . But by the time I was seeking a formal job…. I was so proficient in MS Word, Excel …. and the internet.
When starting. You can’t be choosy. You don’t wake up and become a CEO, you grow to it. Work hard and appreciate every part of the journey. Young people nowadays want to show they’ve made it! Calm down and live within your means. Get that internship… get that experience. BE HUNGRY FOR YOUR GROWTH!!!!! You will get there!”

This is her now:



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