Meet Eva, loving wife in Chris Msando’s love drama This Is How...

Meet Eva, loving wife in Chris Msando’s love drama This Is How She Finally Described His Late Husband


On Thursday, August 17, relatives, friends and political leaders especially from Nyanza, flocked the Consolata Shrine, Westlands in Nairobi, for the slain IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando’s requiem mass.

The electoral body’s techie has been a topic in many discussions since his death just a week prior to the August 8 General Election whose reparations he played a key role.

Chris Msando

Apart from the timing of his death, and considering his vital undertaking to make the polls credible via all-things electronic, Kenyans were left speaking in hushed tones because of the drama surrounding his untimely death.

Msando’s life and the ensuing death plays like the script of a Hollywood flick, he comes out as a man who lived a double life. A loving wife and two adorable sons who waited for him to arrive from work so they could discuss their day at the dinner table.

But unbeknownst to Eva Buyu, Chris Msando’s wife, the IT expert had some dark secrets that only he and a few other players in his adventures knew. Like the people he was hanging out with during that fateful night.

Chris’ death will not go in vain, we have refused. This is wrong. Things will never be the same again but I will always treasure the life I have lived with you,” Eva said during the Thursday mass.

During a recent interview with a local publication, she painted the picture of a loving husband who always had time for his family, they talked every breakfast and he always told his family what his plans for the day were. Almost telling them in detail the day’s schedule.

In the evening, Chris would return home in time, spend time with his wife and kids and narrate to them what the day was like. That’s what his typical day was like, unless he had to work late like on Friday July 8.

On the said day, Chris Msando, as the whole country expected, was busy preparing for the forthcoming election whose credibility almost solely depended on his magic, and prepare he did. But hours in the office were not as extended as he made his wife believe that eventful night.

After waiting up on his husband, Eva eventually called Chris who unsurprisingly said he was working late. By the way, do you know that is most used excuse by cheating spouses? (It reminds me of Nation‘s old television advert that went; ‘I’m working late dear’, and ‘The dog ate my homework’ and other lies the paper doesn’t tell).

It turned out that Chris left office at around 8pm on the Friday he died and was in the company of a lady by the name Carol Ngumbu alias Maryanne, and an unidentified man. The three would later go to a Koinange street club where they partied for hours.

What happened after that is in the public domain so I won’t dwell on them but what is important to note is that Chris told his wife during their last telephone conversation late in the night, that he was still at work, which was believable considering the magnitude of the task ahead and the dry run of the IEBC systems that he was supposed to steer at the Bomas of Kenya the following Monday.

Hours after her later calls to Msando went unanswered and him failing to show up at home, Eva Buyu reported at the Embakasi Police Station on Saturday that her husband was missing. Kenyans were yet to receive the biggest news concerning the looming elections at the time.

Chris Msando’s lifeless body was discovered at a forest in Kikuyu, Kiambu County alongside his female friend, a 21-year-old KMTC Karen Campus student. According to the sister, the two had been friends since January and he had even promised to find her (Carol) a job once she graduates later this year.

Carol Sharif Ngumbu
Carol ‘Maryanne’ Ngumbu.

But what has left many puzzled, including police, is that Msando’s car was found abandoned in a Roysambu neighbourhood off Thika Superhighway and according to witnesses, he was a frequent guest at a nearby apartment.

Moses Kuria_Chris Musando Car

It’s a lady’s house who the neighbours described as full of drama and had even kicked Msando out of the house in the middle of the night many times.

The unidentified lady is believed to be either a girlfriend or worse, Msando’s second wife as many suspects.


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