Mike Sonko Ask His Facebook Fans To Choose For Him A Running...

Mike Sonko Ask His Facebook Fans To Choose For Him A Running mate On The Nairobi Governor’s Race See The List He Have Provided For People To Select Their Favorite.


The general elections are around the corner and politicians are up to the task making sure they make they are prepared.

Since Mike Sonko defeated Peter Kenneth in the jubilee nominations and he was given a certificate  he is now looking for he took for the best runningmate who is likely to be his deputy after the general elections if he defeats Kidero.


Watu wangu never destroy the boat that ferried you, you might find another river to cross. Never bite the hand that once fed you. You may someday need that hand to hold you up. Never break the pot that once gave you water. You can use it for other purposes. Never throw a stone into the market place where you shopped. Your relative might end up being the unintended victim. Never throw away the umbrella that sheltered you from the rain. It can provide shade for you against the scorching sun. And never throw mud into the well that gave you water. If you have no need for it anymore, it may be the time for others to drink from it. It is not only unwise to do these things, it is also unethical. Even if you will not express gratitude, at least don’t return the good with evil. If you have no sense of gratitude, just go your way quietly. You don’t have to be ungrateful to your benefactor. As they say in Malawi, “Do not be like the mosquito that bites the owner of the house” Be grateful!

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Well he have en gauged his fans in the process and early today he provided a list of those his fans prefers that is on social media.

See  list below


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